“SWORN” is a series of book design introducing sworn customs. The acts between hands symbolize the ways people establish relationships.
Why the companionship between sworn siblings can be compared to relatives'? Sworn customs were once popular; however, they have been gradually fading away. Actually, there is a meaning behind the steps. In the areas of China, Japan and India, people have developed ways to establish sworn relationships. No matter the readers are siblings, elder and younger, the same sex or the opposite sexes, even with Gods--we make easy, clear-cut illustrations and attachments to lead readers through the entire process of sworn ceremonies, In addition, the used  accessories can be souvenirs or gifts.
We give each culture new visual images with the unity, intimacy and the positive effects of sworn relationships in a humorous way to the readers. Why not get someone to swear with!

There 4 books for sworn with Chinese(2books for humanity and gods),Indian,Japanese.

with Chinese----Start from names, two close friends become family through all the steps of the     ceremony, including taking a blood oath.
with Chinese gods----“契神” means to be sworn with one of the deities and it is a traditional Chinese method of reversing one’s fate.
with Japanese-----There are ways to establish relationships between elder and younger in Japan. The most representative one is on rites of passage.
with Indian-----Due to frequent wars, female started making rakhis for sworn brothers, praying for reunion. It is still celebrated as a main holiday in India.

Chinese gods color paper
- Mazu
-Guan Yin
-Lord Emperor Wenchang
-Gods of Wealth
-The Old Man Under the Moon