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Angel Baribeau - Love Is Up The River

Angel Baribeau
Love Is Up The River

Angel's first love lies at the river's mouth, in the Eeyou Istchee, where it flows freely into the James Bay. In preparation for the long journey North, Mary Baribeau (Angel's mother) accompanies their child on a quest for self-acceptance and empowerment. Amidst fictional dream and documentary filmmaking, this is the honest story of a two-spirited musician seeking love and fulfillment. 



Angel Baribeau is a 
singer songwriter originally from the Cree community of Mistissini, Quebec. Currently, Baribeau is in the final production stages of their debut solo album For Those I Love(d), set for release in 2020. Ultimately, Baribeau’s goal is to be a change maker. They feel a responsibility to pursue their talent to increase the representation of queer and non-binary artists in the scene, recognizing that there are very few people in the industry that look like and identify as they do.

"Love is Up the River" is a song is about an innocent love between two young women; separated by distance and time. The song touches on self doubt and questioning one's worthiness. Searching for something, someone. Above all, the song is about hope. Hope that one day, we all make it on our journey up the river.''
-Angel Baribeau



Shot in Blackmagic RAW using the Pocket Cinema Camera 4K and a set of vintage Helios Russian lenses. 
Aerial images shot on DJI Mavic Pro.


Angel Baribeau grew up in Mistissini. Hence, they chose to film this music video on the beautiful Cree territory of the Eyou Istchee in Northern Québec. Discover the land of untouched beauty from the skies with this compilation of drone shots edited to the music of Leena Culhane. 


Musical production Joey Langlois and Angel Baribeau
Manager David Hodges
Label N'we Jinan Records
Filmed and directed by Nicolas Gouin
Editing Victor Saliba and Nicolas Gouin
Color Grading Victor Saliba

Thank you to the Cree Nation of Mistissini & Cree Native Arts & Crafts Association for supporting this project.

Angel Baribeau - Love Is Up The River

Angel Baribeau - Love Is Up The River

Angel Baribeau's self-acceptance journey to empower non-conforming gender relationships.