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Striking yet elegant, naughty yet principled, fun-loving and sexy. Kill Devil opens its doors in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Purveyor of fine cocktails, world-class rums and hearty food, served in a cozy, alluring environment, Kill Devil achieves and maintains the outstanding standard in food and wine, service, atmosphere and setting that enables a reputation for gastronomy, drinks amiable and informed hospitality, comfort and exquisiteness.

Our client wanted to rebrand former Rum Bar, Asia's largest rum selection bar into something fresh and elegant, but still faithful to their cuisine's traditionality. 

The task was challenging, to Bring Rumbar to the new glory by rebranding it without changing the product.

For the color palette, we chose a high contrast between red and black color, to enhance the sexiness of the place and the devilish scent.

We developed a series of icons to work as the graphic language of the place and as neon signs across the interior. 
A modern mix of classic typefaces together with the provocative illustrations adds a vibrant feeling that was designed especially to draw in adults of all ages.

We’ve created a full integral project that embeds the brand identity within the overall experience.

“Best ideas come from while sipping rum” 
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Kill Devil

Kill Devil