Demand Conflict Free Electronics is an awareness campaign that aims to educate people about conflict minerals being used in electronics. The campaign animates a script using simple vector graphics to illustrate a powerful story to convince people to support charities and demand a stop to conflict minerals being used in electronics. 
Many supporters who generously donated money through the site Sponsorcraft helped to bring this project to life, with the money a voice actor was hired to add depth and power to the campaign, which brought this project to life. People who donated received a limited edition screen-printed poster a sticker and a badge, other material was produced for the campaign to sell with the proceeds going to charity.
I would like to take this time to thank Amnesty International & Enough for their information and support and to all my supporters and to thank everyone for taking the time to view the project, I hope that you all learn and enjoy.
During the New Designers Exhibition 2013 I was awarded a Future Pioneer Award for Design for Social Change!
Script & Animation - Matt Wilson
Narration - Sanjo Ogunseye
Composer - Yann Tiersen
Track - Comptine d’un Autre Ete- L’Apres-midi
Proof Reader - Janette Delves
Track in Credits - Ana
By - Zep Hurme
Animation Stills
Screen Printing - Limited Edition Posters & T-Shirts
Sticker Design
Packages for Sponsors
Infographic Poster
Campaign Material
Development Sketchbook
Thank you for viewing my project.