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    A fun space shooter where two players face off in the depths of space equipped with exploding projectile cannons!
Battlestar Galactica
Two player space shooter
This is a two player versus space battle game where you each control a ship, navigate the two dimensional maps, and blow each other up! Use asteroids to your advantage, but don't bump into them or you'll take damage. You can break asteroids into smaller ones by damaging them enough. Ships will look more destroyed as they take damage. You start with 5 lives, displayed on the top of the screen above the damage meter. First to deplete the others' lives to 0 wins!
Left Player: WASD to move, Left Ctrl to fire
Right Player: Arrow keys to move, Right Ctrl to fire
The first five maps are created (well.. the first map blank, but that is a map isn't it?..)

This project was a grade 12 project. It was created by Tian Xia and I. His implementation of physics using vector collision and momentum were genius! Enjoy!

The name is not related to nor affiliated with the TV series. The name was chosen arbitrarily due to a deadline.

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