Papertoy RUNT - of 4 Famous Characters
Hi, I'm BEASTORY, Papertoy Designer in S.Korea.
Recently, I wanted to make my favorite characters.
3 Girl Characters of <Girl, the Wild's>
The above photo is Papertoys that I made ​​in the past.
Based on these toys, I want to create a new toy.
'Yotsuba' of <Yotsubato!> (Sample Image)
Work process is 'Modeling - Deployment - Editing'.
Unique thing is that I edited in Adobe Flash CS3.
Because my hands accustomed to this which I used for a long time. (Since 2,000)
Papertoy Practice #1.
'Yotsuba' of <Yotsubato!>
<よつばと!>の 'よつば'
Height : 13cm
Work period : 2 days
The beginning was 'Yotsuba' of <Yotsubato!>.
Yotsuba was made more neatly than I thought.
But I want to make sure this toy-type to match to a man wearing long pants.
<Kuso Miso Technique>'s 'Takakazu Abe' (Sample Image)
Papertoy Practice #2.
'Takakazu Abe' (Mr. Yaranaika) of <Kuso Miso Technique>
<くそみそテクニック>の '阿部 高和'
Height : 12cm
Work period : 3 days
I made him on the basis of Yotsuba.
But I think, It seemed to not fit in this structure.
(The pants looked like a coat!)
However I skip this for the next task.
It was not a good idea that too long on one task.
<Eyagigun&Munch>'s 'Munch' (Sample image)
Papertoy RUNT #1.
'Munch' of <Eyagigun&Munch>
<이야기군&뭉크>의 '뭉크'
Height : 11cm
Work period : 3 days
To the Next work, I made the dog character named 'Munch'.
I thought it was important to express the head part.
So I made the head in a way to combine two parts.
This character has no clothes,
So I thought it was important that the proportion of the body.
However, the rate of modification was better than before.
Papertoy RUNT #2.
'Yotsuba' of <Yotsubato!>
<よつばと!>の 'よつば'
Height : 11cm
Work period : 1 day
The same rate was applied to Yotsuba.
I think that this ratio was good, so the next task will be applied to this rate.

'Super Giant' of  <Attack on Titan> (Sample image)
Papertoy RUNT #3.
'Super Giant' of <Attack on Titan>
<進撃の巨人>の '超大型巨人'
Height : 10cm
Work period : 3 days
In the process of making, I cannot put the muscle details,
Because I didn't know the muscle-structures.
So I have to read the anatomy references. After that I could continue to work.
Papertoy RUNT #4.
'Takakazu Abe' (Mr. Yaranaika) of <Kuso Miso Technique>
<くそみそテクニック>の '阿部 高和'
Height : 10cm
Work period : 1 day
Finally, the last work was 'Mr.Ya'.
I endeavor to concretely express the long pants.
I rarely do edge-painting, Because I wanted to express the feeling of paper.
But black parts were always filled with Edge-painting.
If it doesn't have Edge-painting, its view was not good. (I use a marker)
Papertoy RUNT - of 4 Famous Characters
I made 4 kinds of papertoy for 2 weeks.
How to Play (example)
I play like this, to each other while exchanging.
Thank you for watching this post.
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Papertoy RUNT - of 4 Famous Characters

Papertoy RUNT - of 4 Famous Characters

Four kinds of famous characters made into a cute papertoy. (Yotsuba, Mr.Ya, Munch, Attack on Titan)


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