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    G1 car's section 2011 redesign and reestructure, bringing new car's and brand's pages from web-semantic usage.
Autoesporte is the cars section of the site G1 - Globo.com’s news portal. It has some integration with the TV show “Autoesporte” from Globo Network, but it’s not completly dependent of it’s content and has it's own editors. As a result, it offers news about cars models and brands but also must deliver videos from the program’s editions.
This was my first real project as an Information Architect and has became one of the most accessed news section from Globo.com after this redesign, which is still available here ;)

Redesign this section to bring more personality to the product. It should become more than a ‘news gathering’ and satisfy user’s interests, being more specific and complete about the category.
Techniques and artifacts
Content’s inventary, Personas, Scenarios, Navigation diagram, Flow map, Conceptual model, Ontology definition, Card sorting to define menu organization, SEO best practices.
Conceptual model  - And exercise about user's touchpoints and contents relation
Macro wireframes for article, brand and cars pages
Ontology defined and applied; New pages destinated to cars models with related offers by resemblance; Cars classification by category and technical details; Brand’s pages offering their cars models; Subject pages; Flow review of the FIPE table service; Trending topics; A motorcycles exclusive page; SEO friendly; Facebook interaction
Car's page
Each model now has it's own page bringing relevant information extracted from semantic relations.

1 - An offer of other cars from the same brand (on a retractable component)
2 - Identification of the car - It's name, some pictures and technical specifications
3 - All news that were annotated as mentioning this car in particular or it's brand
4 - A great offer of similar cars considering the model of the one being visualized on the page
Brand's page
Brands also have it's pages, bringing its most relevant cars and news.

1 - Brand's cars
2 - The most relevant news article from the period
3 - Latest news which mention the brand or any of its cars
4 - An structured offer of the topics that mention this brand 
5 - Picture galeries that involve this brand
Autoesporte homepage
The homepage is now pretty well categorized. Each component has it's own title, so users can discern the kinds of information and search easily for the subject they want to read about.
1 - Most relevant news articles from this section
2 -  News by topics with link to the subject pages
3 - Videos from the TV Show
4 - Most recent picture galleries 
5 - Tematic area to diversify the offer and still keep the user contextualized by the titles
6 - Trending area, bringing the most visited cars, subjects and brands of the period
Autoesporte Home - Before and after the redesign