"Neo Cubista" (2010) Triumph Competition
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    “Neo Cubista” Triumph Competition (2010)
“Neo Cubista   Triumph Competition (2010)

I was nominated as the top finalist for Triumph 2010 competition “Body Sensation”.
The project was about reinterpreting and mixing
‘Cubism Movement’ and ‘The Form of the Human Body’. The form and shape within the designs, creates a new shape of sensation  to the designs through the reflection of the ‘Acrylic’ shapes and its form. I looked at the human body as an object;
from this I
expressed the human body as an object in a 3 Dimensional form.
I translated the 3 Dimensional forms into a garment.  

For the ‘Human Body’, I began using a 3D modeling program to sketch the human
body and from this I have deconstructed the 3D
modeling by flattening it into 2D
in order to develop my designs. The main shapes which I have applied in my designs are ‘triangles’
and ‘squares’ which are the basic elements
(applied in both 3D & 2D modeling).