• Chopin In The City
    The Chopin Year 2010

    The project Chopin in the City enters Krakow into the cycle of celebrations of the Year of Chopin in an unusual way. All activities have been situated in public space, and particular elements of the project use non-standard actions and modern technologies. We were responsible for website and print design dedicated to promote this great event.



  • Six full-scale replicas of Pleyel grand pianos from the year 1847 appeared in six points in Krakow. They have been painted by wellknown Polish artists: Tomasz Baran, Agata Biskup, Bartek Materka, Andrzej Pagowski, Karol Radziszewski, and the group
    of artists conducted by Justyna Koeke (Lukasz Lendzinski, Mateusz Lendzinski).

    fot. Andrzej Rubiś

  • Posters promoting the project Chopin in the City.

    Photography: James Day
    Design: Witold Siemaszkiewicz

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