place: Nyzhneyurkivska str., Kyiv, Ukraine
function: multifunctional complex
square: 107000 m2
status: concept 2019
Victoria GarnagaIhor Mironyuk​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
The residential complex is being projected on Podоl. The site adjoins to the foothill, which is known today as Yurkovitsa, Yurkovka - the name of the mountain, the ravine and
the stream (which existed in the XVIII century.). The design solutions are conditionally divided into two parts. The first is the localization of the previous project design of the ZGF team (adaptation to the norms of Ukraine). The second is the design of a part of the complex, which consists of: public garden; kindergarten for 80 persons;  solutions to the
improvement of the territory; renovation of the existing industrial one-storey multi-aisle building for the public function ; residential quarter that  directly adjoins to the streets Kirillovskaya and Nizhneyurkovskaya.

The main idea of the spatial solution is collage.
Creation complex urban space as a way of life by using buildings different in plastic, color and  texture.