Sun Technologies Website Redesign.....
Website Redesign.............................................................
Pain points: Very less traffic, no conversion, more leads generation by website, need more enquiries on help desk number or by filling contact us form……

Objective of Website Redesign: Company needs more visitors, more website traffic, conversion (visitors into leads), and more enquiries on help desk number and by contact us form filling.

How to bring more traffic, how to build the trust with the visitors, how to create the first impression within 6 seconds about the company, how to achieve conversion so that our visitors can become our users? How to build the Credibility with the visitors with in few seconds and finally how to convince them to reach out to us may by calling us on our help desk or by filing our Contact Us Form? 

How to DESIGN the Services page clearly break down into primary services in a way that users can easily understand and how to write powerful content in a Service Page that converts Visitors into Leads.

The Solution – A Pillar Content Strategy
The Solution – Website redesign by adding powerful CTAs,  and by displaying the credibility on the top for more conversion.

I focused on creating a scalable website for more conversion and generating more leads through website. Content was at the center for lead generation. This creation of new website design and high quality content will definitely going to help in conversion and increase the traffic to the site by at least 35% - 45%.

After seeing some success, we continued to build on what was working by producing helpful content that was missing from the website.

Stakeholder interviews?
Created the product vision, goal, strategy on the basis of information gathered from different stakeholders... 

Competitors Analysis.
Generally, it is important to understand what your competitors are doing, so that the design you produce is better than the rest. However, here it was important to understand what they are doing it right, as it helps in comparing the problems and finding solutions for the same.

Got Analytics data of their competitors by using different websites like : similarweb, owler to get more insight about : 
1. Features their competitor’s offering in the market.
2. Followed million dollar companies design styles.

Improved the Content copy
1. Effective UX Content Copy
2. Used action driven words in CTAs like > get, try, now, fast, quick results
3. Used bullet points to emphasize key details.

How I designed the website HEADER?

CTA on header (Action Button): Inspired the visitors to take actions by placing a CTA in the website header. 

Building Trust: by sharing company values and information about the products/services first and then asking them to subscribe or reach out to the company. Displayed the Services above the fold to build more Trust. A picture can speak a thousand words. Placed the powerful images and the content copy about the Company's Services in the carousel (above the fold) which clearly tells the viewers how the company can solve their problems.  

Evoke Curiosity: Added some call to action with some curiosity building keywords like Want to know how? Know more etc….

Building Credibility: Added Awards pictures and customer’s review above the fold helped in building the Credibility….

Therefore, I added Brand identity, Contact information (help desk #), Contact us form (CTA)link, Links to social media accounts and Search button.
(we can also add subscription link and links to free trials or sample products..)

Here is the design. 
2 options are displayed below with couple of pillar pages
Sun Technologies Website Redesign.....

Sun Technologies Website Redesign.....