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    Central Saint Martins BA Graphic Design Year 1 Illustration and print design project
The brief:
Display graphically a big thought and a little thought. What thoughts you choose are up to you but they must be related. For example, your big thought could be something very important, and your small thought could be something very unimportant. 
The outcome:
I chose to visually illustrate a simple philosophical dilemma – the antinomy* of constitution – two distinct and separate objects occupying the same space at the same time. The map (large object) and the molecules of acrylic (small) from which it is made, are located in exactly the same place and made of exactly the same matter, but they are not the same object. This quantity of acrylic existed before the map was created and will continue existing after the map is melted down.   
*apparently sound reasoning leading to apparently absurd conclusion