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Accomodation reflex

a c c o m o d a t i o n    r e f l e x
A creative explosion of Art Deco lamps above your head will bring the room to life in an artistic fashion.

Our lighting system of four floating light spheres and one floor lamp is inspired by Art Deco, an iconic architecture and design style from the early XX century, manifestation of splendor and social and technological progress.
We tried to capture the joyful vibe of Art Deco with nuanced patterns, pronounced geometry, and fluid design. You can play with the placement of the spheres and bring subtle or dramatic changes to the interior at any time. The lamps are made to suit your mood. Whether you need an intimate ambiance for a romantic evening or a bright light for the party, just play with the lampshades to change the brightness and direction of the light.

Base/Details: Steel
Globes/Lid: Opal Glass
Lampshade: Rice paper.
We open for cooperation.

Design: Mary Ganzha, Lesya Ley
Visualizer: Mary Ganzha
Illustrator: Lesya Ley
Text: Dmytro Soloviov

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Accomodation reflex

Accomodation reflex

We wanted to create not only beautiful light sources, but also provide unique and unusual transformation solutions for any space.