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Free Font Bronova Regular & Bold

Introducing Bronova
Regular & Bold

The Bronova is a free (for commercial use), sans serif, DesignBro Originals font and is based on the natural line that occurs when drawing a curve from the wrist​​​​​​​. The project has been licensed under the SIL Open Font License, making it open source and available to all.

Bronova Font Details

The image below shows the difference between the ending of the curve (going into a straight line) that was used in the Bronova font and a ‘machine-made’ curve. Take a close look and see that the transition from the curve into a straight line is much smoother on our ‘Bronova curve’.

Simulating the 'Bronova Curve'

The curve can be simulated in Adobe Illustrator by creating
a wire mesh using the blend tool by following the steps:
1. Draw a vertical line in Adobe Illustrator
2. • Copy the line
    • Rotate the line 90° CCW
    • Place the left anchor point on the bottom anchor point of the vertical line
3. Connect the lines using the ‘blend tool’ (w)
4. • Double click the ‘blend tool’ icon in the toolbar
    Select ‘Specified steps’ in the ‘Spacing:’ dropdown menu and add lines until the curve appears.

Thanks for watching!​​​​​​​

Free Font Bronova Regular & Bold
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