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    A small selection of the work Ive done here, fueled by tacos and mezcal.
El origen o descendencia del hombre # 6
El origen o descendencia del hombre # 5
A drawing I made for the publication of a poem by Francisco Hernandez, for La dieresis who work with beautifull hand made books (http://ladieresis.com/tag/editorial-artesanal/)
a close-up shot of the door
Unfinished shot of a drawing I made, I like how the ostrich looks like someone is in the proces of painting her white... in an attempt, I supose, to pass her of as a swan. The ostrich is also smoking a joint. (coming soon)
Another one of the creatures... this time on wood... I believe its called a Crug
Naturaleza muerta 1.4 y 1.5 (tiburon matera y caiman matera)
And finally a homage piracy celebrating the work of Liliana Porter (one of those freaking geniouses) micro machines, play do, dried oils and palette.