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    Just pacticing my photoshop skill.
Dragon Ball Z  : Saiyan Saga
Real Live Action
Hello Dragon Ball fans out there.I would like to share some of my artwork for the Dragon Ball Z  Real Live Action movie.This artwork is inspire from The Vegeta Saga (Episodes 1~35) in Dragon Ball Z comic book.Hope you like it !

The Vegeta Saga, originally known as the Saiyan Saga in the Japanese and Ocean dubs, is the first saga from the Dragon Ball Z series. Its main plot concerns the arrival of three humanoid aliens, known as "Saiyans", to Earth, looking for Goku first, and the Dragon Balls later.
From this picture.There are many of the cosplayers try their best to design the Saiyan Armor costume .Some look cool and some look really awful.Thumbs up to K&K Production with their effort to bring back the real live action Dragon Ball Z movie.Their Saiyan Saga trailer are more awesome than The Dragon Ball : Evolution  Movie.
All this picture is belong to the respective owner.
Prince of Saiyan Vegeta
Prince of Saiyan Vegeta : Close up


Nappa and Vegeta