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    Marketing materials for Venture3.
Venture3 is a series of programs run in the Riverside Innovation Centre at the University of Chester.
The aim of the initiative is to help graduates turn their passions and interests into a business by developing their ideas, collaborate with successful entrepreneurs, and then help push their business out the door into the real world with investment or funding.
I was approached to update their marketing materials and further engage their target audience, but there was also a problem with a repeated lack of understanding of the course's structure due to the programs being marketed seperately. We needed to highlight the cohesiveness of the events and join them up under one big branded programme.
The course is split into 3 chronological programs, CREATE, COLLABORATE and ACCELERATE, but many students and graduates who would attend these seminars would do so in the wrong order, or not even know there was a link between them. Working with Venture3, we decided on a clear way of indicating the programs structure on their marketing materials by using map-style illustrations like a visual guide, inspired by their over-arching brand reference to the semantic field of a ‘journey’.
Alongside the map illustration style are symbols inspired by map 'key' language as a means to indicate business thinking, inject a reference to Chester and to symbolise the progress and achievement you would recieve from undertaking the program.
The program names have been given their own typographic identity to reflect their content.
Commisioned work:
• Visual identity
• A4 Poster
• 2-sided A5 flyer
• 2000x800mm roll-out
• Pocket folder