T H E  L I O N H E A D
a.k.a kepala singa in the Malay language.

This was a collaboration between Nabihah Haiyee and Huda XD.
A fusion between 3D paper sculptures and 2D brush strokes.
He roars silently at the edge of the room.
The lion head peeks out from the side of the wall,
out of its frame, as it is made entirely of paper
intricately folded and glued in place with precision. 
Stand in front of the artwork
and you will see the other side of the sculptural painting
his mane shines with glory of silver, black and white acrylic paint,
lined with creases that are not really folds
almost in static motion.
What the lion has in mighty paper,
he also has in the heavy splotches that shapes his mane. 
We believe a succesfull collaboration only happens
when one element cannot stand without the other. 
Clearly, the painting is meaningless without the head
and the head woould be too scary to see floating alone
without his mane as the context.

This was an experimental project for us, and hopefully the first of many to come.

The lionhead was on display for the first time in the unconventional creative exhibition, 
Neue Artisan 2.0.
in 2013.