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    A new line of perfume based on Caterina De' Medici's original recipe. The "mother of all perfumes".
Acqua di Firenze
Eau de Florence
Not many people realize that it was Caterina De' Medici, Lorenzo De'Medici's grandaughter, who invented Eau de Cologne. Of course it wasn't called that, but rather Eau de Florence. She brought her secret recipe to France when she became Queen and it became an instant success in the courts of France and all of Europe, taking on its new name of Eau de Cologne.
This secret recipe was re-discovered by an art historian who thought best to revive the original Eau de Florence and has created his line of Acqua di Firenze products.
The logo and package design as well as all the collateral is heavy with Florentine
symbolism and pays tribute to the "mother of all perfumes".
We used gold foil and a spot varnish pattern of fleur de lys to emphasize the luxury of this "home-grown" product.
Cover of sample holder
Three-fold brochure. (Art direction: Lisa Delle Cave)
Window display (Art Direction: Lisa Delle Cave)
Website. (Web design: Emanuele Coggiola)