Green Guardians Calendar 2011
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Green Guardians
The United Nations GeneralAssembly has declared 2011 as International Year of Forests. As the lead guardian spearheading the cause of conserving forests,the prestigious world body has cut out a path for us to follow. 
Here are some deep rootedfacts shared by the body that should move each of us to become sentinels of Mother Nature.
Forests cover 30%of the total land area. The livelihood of 1.6 billion people depends on forests.Its home to 80% of our terrestrial biodiversity. Forests account for billions of dollars in trade.But our forest cover is depleting at an alarming rate with widespreaddeforestation, rapid urbanization and indiscriminate plunder of forest wealth.The repercussions are drastic climate change and a greatly threatened ecosystem.
Needless to say,the need of the hour is for as many of us to don the role of ëgreenguardiansí. Even small measures taken by us will count in making this momentous year bear fruit. For starters, letís...
...            take printouts only if absolutely necessary
...            nurture trees, grow mini gardens in our balconies
...            opt for non-wooden furniture
...            adopt rain water harvesting
...            reduce our dependence on non-sustainable forest products
...            say no to fur and other animal products
Like the ëgreenguardiansí showcased in the calendarís leaves, letís be fierce in our will to protect our forests.

                  Photography:                       Suresh Natarajan
                  Styling:                                 EugenieBurer
                  Make-up & hair:                 SebastinePepler
                  Propsmaster:                       FayeDowding
                  Models:                                LisaMaree Van Zyl, Faith Model Management
                                                                JessicaLee Buchanan, 20 Management
                                                                ShayraCoser, BaseModel Agency
                  Producer:                             KitishaGaglani
                  Production partner:           Mickie Birkett
                  Production assistants:        NaveenPrasad, SwethaShetty, SantoshGajakosh, CecelieEgner Syvertsen
                  Photography assistants:     SarrveshKumar, MikeRose, StanKaplan
                  Post Production:                 Shilvasaparimalam
                  Printing:                              PragatiArt Printers
                  Transport:                            Justin Van Der Spuy, Maurice Boulle
                  Location partners:              Monkeyland, Birdsof Eden, Tsitsikama Falls, Plettenberg Bay, SouthAfrica
                  Creativeteam:                     TVPrasad
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Photographs   2011: NanoExcel Group
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Green Guardians Calendar 2011

Green Guardians Calendar 2011

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