Fashioning Change
A startup aimed at helping consumers live greener lives
This client came to me with a passion for saving the Earth. That's a mission I could get behind. She felt that there were legions of people who want to make the "right" purchase, but did not know how. She did.

But to start she had a branding project in mind; something to get people interacting and pledging to change. The campaign was "Go Green in 2011", and was focused on giving real meaning to the term "Green", calling out marketers on their greenwashing efforts, and getting people to live greener in 2011.

The client had strong design opinions to navigate and in the end we came up with a clean, safe design that tries to be inspirational and navigable despite a lot of content. We went with a simple text treatment for the logo, as we didn't have time to do the proper, thorough logo exploration that was needed. I focused the design around heavy use of impactful photography to both hasten our design timeline and focus on the subject at hand. The client wanted the brand centered around orange, so I developed an orange-heavy color palette with variations for different uses.

The site is live at