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    Mostly self initiated digital art which remained incomplete for too long and thus I decided I'd let it see the light.
                                                                                           T.S Eliot 
You and I
Inspired by the poet T.S. Eliot, I tried stream of consciousness to come up with his portrait in hand written text.
Just an old experiment...
Photogram: the coke generations
Eastern Vision [incomplete]
it incorporates poetry by N.M Rashid, a Pakistani poet who is compared with T.S Eliot.
The world we live in [incomplete]
Self portrait
Seeds of music [incomplete]
"I'm not there"

note: the image was made as an experiment of photography and design. I'd much rather just say 'for the sake of art' but anyway it is (if possible any time soon) going to be a series on how the Pakistani people are escaping their home land. But all that in good time. For now, this is it.
Recipe for music
White on Black digital etch
digital collage