Hysterical Minds Collective 6


    Hysterical Minds is an online international artistic collective characterized by being the only one of hispanic language.

    With more than a year in its existence, their nearly eighty artists effort themselves in develop periodic exhibitions of artistic works of every type of techniques and with variety of influences and style but always marked by the online creation and the challenge of the innovation in the art of the net.
Presently, they are topping the details of their sixth exhibition, this time of thematic character, under the slogan "Le glamour, l'amour et la mort" wich will be released in mid-January, together with a total renovation of the public image of the group (including new web design, new logotype and new forum skin among other elements).

    We invite you to remain attentive in the next days to enjoy the result of their most recently efforts.

    These are my illustrations added in this pack.

Ilustration by Cesar Guevara & Hector Moreno
Ilustration by Cesar Guevara="yui_3_3_0_2_1303017235655119">
Ilustration by Hector Moreno