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TUKAN Cake Shop

Type Cake Shop
Area 75 sq.m
Location Odessa, UA 
Year 2019

Interior designer Nadia Kotishevskaya
Visualizer Nancy Caplan 

TUKAN is a cozy urban cafe with a cake shop. The interior was inspired by tropical nature combined with an industrial style. In the main hall desserts are presented and in the neighboring hall the cooking process takes place. The hall is hidden from the visitor's eyes at the request of the customer. 

The gray walls serve as a background for the desserts Tall mirrors emphasize the architecture of the room, adding light and space to the coffee shop. The semi-circular forms in the interior echo the traditional shape of the dessert stand. From the street the attention is attracted by the meter long lamps made to order in the form of corolla placed over the central island in the confectionery shop. 

TUKAN is an urban oasis in the most noisy and bustling street of Odessa.

TUKAN Cake Shop
Nadia Kotishevskaya's profileNancy Caplan's profile
Multiple Owners
Nadia Kotishevskaya