This Work Profile, titled 'Nexus', was presented at MICA, India as a part of my Portfolio Review Round to secure a Post Graduation seat in Crafting Creative Communications (Art Direction & Copywriting).
The below set of examples constitute most of the work I showcased in those twenty minutes assigned to us.
Although I am selected to be a part of the Programme, a genuine feedback will be appreciated. :)
This series consists of artwork that I am capable of doing with ink on paper
Such instances are called 'Calligrams', wherein the words are scribbled in a manner so as to resemble themselves.
The Bandra-Worli Sealink depicted here reflects my personal style of doodling; I almost swear by intricacy.
'Faith & Love', essential elements for a rocky travel called life, printed on certain products to bring out the quirkiness in them.
Illustrations for a stop-motion animation video based on 'Cinderella'.
Causes & Concerns
This series consists of artwork that may portray a cause or suggest a concern under the umbrella of critical environmental or social issues being faced today
The text smoothly blurs to read 'Don't Drink & Die' as against 'Don't Drink & Drive.'
How the messy concrete jungles of Bombay are burdening the creator himself, Man.
The eventual wrath of nature on man. Someday.
A Book Cover for a story based on the life of a teenage girl who dreams to visit London, after she has watched a documentary on the London Eye in 2001.
'Little Boys, Who?' is an underground British Pop band, consisting of two guys based out of Bombay, India
Their logo comprises of a man's silhouette and a mjor music element, the record disc, embedded onto a question rendering the name of their band and anonymity.
This poster signifies how the World on the outside sees the two boys, and the musical roles they play underground.
Stopping infinity...
The magic of liberation of mind through healthy reading
[Clicked & Manipulated]
A perfect poster of a coffee brand to be put up in a (an IT) company cafeteria, brewing a creative start to your mornings! Special mention for the geeky "Hello, World!" bit.
Need a LASER treatment for the eye?
The major problem with man is that he makes things difficult even for other living entities; only if nature had its own separate World.
However muddled between our faith, choices and roots are we on the inside, we try to put up a serene face in front of the World, thus developing deceptive lives, that most of us lead.
Requires no caption
The notorious 'Rat Race'
Iconic logo for Phoenix Consultancy
Work Mark logo for 'Forest Schools', a concept involving outdoor education via on-field learning in a woodland environment, so as to imbibe a sense of independence in kids.
Combination Mark logo for a Men's saloon, 'Hair After.
Spinning around some negative space.
Minimalistic Art
Albeit a lot has been spoken about minimalistic art, the charm  of '<=>' is no less magnetic
[L-R] Popeye, The Sailor Man - The Powerpuff Girls
[L-R] Usain Bolt's 2012 London Olympics Record - Kalpana Chawla
Beyond vectors, 3D modelling, animation and CGI; geometry towards crafting clean logos, illustrations & posters
[The third one in the poster series, 'Creative Riot']
A war between geometrical shapes
[Pristine Meditation Workshops in a Natural Lifestyle]
The words and picture coupled with the geometry try to trace tranquility by the Sea.
[Pristine Meditation Workshops in a Natural Lifestyle]
The copy calls for an action to shut down our digital devices, and enjoy the silence through the woods.
'The Tales of Regime' combines minimalism and diction to put forth the weird kinds of Government, we never thought could exist
'Songography' is a collection of posters, depicting lyrics of some famous songs
Poker Face by Lady Gaga
Heartbreak Hotel by Elvis Presley
Stereo Hearts by Gym Class Heroes
With or Without You by U2
'Graphrasics' is a set of illustrations, each suggesting an English phrase or an idiom
'Butterflies in one's stomach'
'Two left feet'
'The apple of my eye'
[Explaining Difficult Concepts via a Graphic]
The poster begins with a butterfly at the top, and boils down to mere wings at the bottom, with grungy path all the way down.
Art Direction
Tangible Paper Infographic
To explore the design process through tactility via pattern-making, a 3D infographic was made based on an 'Angry Birds Addiction' survey carried out by
Playing a session of the game typically causes your mood to be:
Worsened [5%]
Unchanged [37%]
Improved [58%]
Fork Art
Problem Statement:
Shoot a picture of a dinner fork. Use this photo to create a poster which promotes Archies' "Get Well Soon" cards.