System Settings

In line with the goal of a convergence device — not to mention, ordinary learnability and efficiency — these settings, and their categories, should be shared across form factors whenever practical. However, some settings should be present only when relevant hardware or software is, or could be, present; and some should be grouped or named differently depending on their frequency of use.

General layout and behaviour

The “System Settings” app should be unremovable, and should be in the Launcher by default.
All interface elements in System Settings should instantly reflect any changes made to the same settings elsewhere. And unless specifically noted, interacting with System Settings should similarly change the underlying settings instantly. Exceptions are made when partial input that wasn’t explicitly discarded would be harmful (for example, SIM PIN) or cause confusing errors (APN, manual VPN), and/or for consistency when the same UI is invoked outside of System Settings (Wi-Fi authentication, or Online Accounts registration). This is usually made clear by presenting those settings inside a dialog, since it has explicit Cancel and Confirm buttons.