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Travel Tips: What Not to Do on the First and Last Day o

When we plan the vacation, we expect everything to go as it was organized in the script, right?

Although some setbacks can happen, one of the main travel tips is to be careful with the schedule of the first and the last day at the destination so that everything goes as planned. Certain precautions are important during the entire trip, but in these two moments, attention must be redoubled to avoid further unforeseen events.

For example: a health problem or poor diet when arriving at the place can cause several disorders during your stay. In addition, it is good to keep an eye on issues such as traffic, bus schedules and other details that can cause delays in boarding when you leave.

Therefore, if you want to hit the nail on the headline , leave the first and last days with as few commitments as possible. Use day 01 of your itinerary to stay at the hotel and explore the surroundings. Regarding the end of the trip, a good tip is to organize your bags and documentation the night before departure.

To help you on your next trip, prepared this special guide with travel tips on what to avoid on the first and last days of your vacation . Check out!

Travel Tips: What Not to Do on the First Day

So that nothing goes wrong in the prepared travel itinerary , check out some points that should be considered when arriving at the destination:


If your first ticket is not the final destination, opt only for departures with connections operated by the same airline or partner companies. If you have any problems on the initial flight - such as delays or lost luggage - the company will take responsibility and resolve the issue for you.


Some tourist cities are far from the nearest airports. This is the case of Gramado , for example. Porto Alegre airport is the main gateway to the site and is located two hours away, requiring the completion of the trip by bus or rental car.

Therefore, try to include small delays in your planning: after arriving by plane to a city that is not yet the final destination, do not amend the route immediately . This tip is especially valid when arriving in the evening or early in the morning.

You will possibly be tired on the first day and, therefore, the ideal is to include in your travel itinerary a rest stop before following the tour.

Plan Expensive and Unmissable Tours

One of the main travel tips is not to book important and expensive tourist schedules for the start date. Perhaps the tiredness of the plane does not allow you to fully enjoy the attraction. Or, it is possible that the trip will be delayed and you lose the right to use the purchased ticket.
Travel Tips: What Not to Do on the First and Last Day o

Travel Tips: What Not to Do on the First and Last Day o


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