High Heels Retail Store | Shanghai, China
A team of interns at R&D Design Inc. were in charge of managing and developing the schematic phase of a retail design case under the supervision of the head designer. The new retail brand in Shanghai, COOE is specifically directed towards women between the age of 25 to 40; a period when women generally are capable, confident, responsible for her own lives including upholding things like professional occupations, realistic romance, and even family with children. In this phase of life, women are often subjected to issues of tradition, stress, and urbanization. Issues of tradition can easily come from family pressures, expectations from peers, and marriage constraints. Stress may come from her work, and/or her husband. And last but not least, women at this age need to keep up with the rapid changes in society as well as developments of the latest fashion trends.

In designing an ideal retail space for women ofthis age range, we tackled the main issues mentioned above, andcategorized three themes that represent the utmost solution: relaxation versus stress, freedom versus tradition, and romantics versus urbanization.
A: The ripply logo wall and the curvilinear shelving display defines the thematic icon of the store. The water feature and the stream of glowing reflections further reinforces a romantic mood upon the customers arrival.
B: The dancing model with the red heels depicting in the poster as well as the bathing model in the classically adorned bathtub gives a feel of relaxation to the space.
C: The mid-island umbrella display tells a scenario described previously and also adds to the overall theme of freedom, romance, and relaxation. It is not just an icon for the store but also an open-ended feature for the customer's imagination.
D&E: The two areas feature the classical strategy of extending a space beyond with mirrors. The point was to create an illusion of a boundary-less store with a look of seemingly endless options. By doing this, the display shelving seems endless.
F: This corner with circular features not only balances the store aesthetically but also gives a different display method with cutouts, which gives the product some more focus.
    Design Team:
        Benjamin Lin | Syracuse University Senior Interior Design Major, B.F.A 2011
        Eric Xiao | Syracuse University 4th Year Architecture Major B.Arch expected 2012
        Wayne Tseng | Syracuse University 4th Year Architecture Major B.Arch expected 2012