RRC d.d. - brochure, USB key & advertisement
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    Designing a brochure, commercial and USB key for company RRC d.d.
This was a smaller project on which I worked last year. I had to redesign a brochure and design a commercial, commercial board and a USB key for the company's business partners. I really loved working on this project because it had a really good concept behand it. 
The company's website is not my work, but feel free to check it: http://www.rrc.si
Brochure - 1. page
This example of brochure is in slovene language but we also made the english version. 
Brochure - 2. page
Brochure - 3. page
Brochure - 4. page
This is a USB key, made in a shape and size of a business card. It is actually similar to business card of the employees of the company. The USB key was a business gift for the company's business partners.
This is a commercial board in size 1 x 2 meters.
Commercial used in printed magazines and on line