SCION WRAPS (2009-13)

The following are designs I have created on Toyota Scions. Some of them have been done for Scion corporate, while other were for dealerships and/or personal vehicles. All art here is done myself unless otherwise noted.
Scion graffiti 2
scion dragon
scion tattoo (fish)
scion camo
scion hot rod (flat black wrap)
libertyville toyota
ethos coffee
hiland scion (color change to libertyville version)
scion graffiti 1 - not my favorite. I was very limited with what I could do. Originally, I had the guy holding a spray can, but they didn't want to actually encourage graffiti (?) I had to change it at the zero hour. I really wish I had more time with this one. It's not terrible, but it could be so much more.