Digital Trends 2020
Digital Trends Report
Adobe Experience Cloud, 2020

The 2020 Digital Trends report celebrates 10 years of the research lead by Econsultancy in association with Adobe. This global program for Adobe gathers insights from all industries to drive the next key trends in digital. In order to celebrate this milestone, Adobe commissioned Vasava, a Barcelona based agency, to create the visual portfolio for the program. Working from a concept idea originally created by the Adobe EMEA Studio, Vasava took on that concept and gave it life in color and movement. To bring it all together, from story telling to digital experience, Adobe also worked with a UK agency named The Workshop. Both agencies worked seamlessly to create a story set in the cosmos, looking at 10 years of data from the past and the key trends that are set for the year to come.

Creative Director Enterprise: Sarah Gerbier  Senior Graphic Designer: Claudia Mühlbauer
  EMEA Marketing Campaign Manager: Sabina Bonaiuti   Demand Programs Manager: Triet Huynh 
Creative Agency: Vasava
UX Design: The Workshop,

Digital Trends 2020
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