Danwood.pl – Digital platform

Our team partnered up with Danwood, a leading property development company in Europe, to help them design, create and implement a modern web service that meets diverse customer requirements from five markets: German, Austrian, Swiss, British and Polish. To assure the brand’s smooth rollouts in other countries, we delivered a flexible platform that allows for subsequent expansion and adding new, customised content.

Since we believe that brands know their clients best, we involved Danwood in the design process at the very early stage. UX workshops enabled us to create mock-ups, shape service prototype, and deliver a layout concept subject to conversion goals.

Our top priority was to design a user-friendly and aesthetic website where everyone can easily access all the information they really need, order a catalog, contact sales reps, and browse through 130 house projects to choose their dream one.
All the time while creating the platform we kept in mind that it had to be easily adapted in several different countries. This meant we had to find a way to strike a balance between keeping visual consistency and tailoring it to a particular market’s needs i.e.: very complex wording in German-speaking countries or specific features required in the United Kingdom.
Client: Danwood S.A.

UX Designer: Bartosz Sułkowski
Lead UI Designer: Dawid Kalinowski
UI Design: Aneta Pomieczyńska
Development: Mateusz Dołęga, Marcin Gościcki, Michał Włodarczyk, Tomasz Łagodziński
Project Owner: Tomasz Dominiak
Project Manager: Agata Kuich, Paulina Kantorska, Konrad Borycki
Head of UX: Bartosz Sułkowski
Head of Design: Mateusz Karasiński
Technology Director: Andrzej Duś
Business & Strategy Director: Tomasz Dominiak
Managing Director: Michał Łukawski

Danwood.pl – Digital platform

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Danwood.pl – Digital platform

We joined forces with Danwood, a leading property development company in Europe, to help them, design, create and implement a modern website that Read More