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    Some of the illustrations for Ayen Designs' summer 2013 collection.
2011 T-shirt tag
14th August 2011
A bit of an abstract crescent and star design for all ages. A collectors item indeed.
14th August 2011
Truck art anyone? Truck art is the new golden goose of Pakistan and well why wouldn't I want to jump in on that. A bit of a modern funky design with traditional art inside for those who know their art.. 7 seperate screens were laid down to make this and trust me, you will not want to miss out on this one. Turn your Green vision on
14th August 2011
The deformed heart reflects a morbid yet nationalistic attitude. We might be a messed up generation/country etc but we are bloody well proud of how we still manage to carry on.
14th August 2011
Do we even know him? Inspired by the motivational "i want you' designs which date back many centuries and not just the uncle sam one we are accustomed to. This one is meant for the lazy people; do something. I did my part by making it, you do your part by deviating from the norms and follow his footsteps; make a difference.
14th August 2011
we have more reasons to be proud; they staged it but pakistanis fight to survive and the people on the streets tonight proved one thing; the flag ain't goin' down!