Various plasticine lettering works
Hello and welcome to my plasticine/lettering laboratory!
I'm happy to share work that make me truly happy and, I hope, could bring moments of fun to your day also.
Plasticine is perfect material to relax, to try some new ways in typography, letter construction and to work with color.
The first project was born from game and grew into row of promotional cards for fast-food restourants.
Second one was made for Showusyourtype project and went to OFFF Barselona.
That's my business cards. Oh, by the way, I've made them specially for first Behance meetup in Kyiv!
Babuin Pub commisioned me to make poster for amazing Brazzaville concert in Kyiv. This lettering version was not accepted, but David Brown liked it :)
Series of posters/postcards I've made to cangratulate typographic community with Valentine's day. Here you can see all of them. My friend made picture of me in front of them exhibited on Rutenia festival.
Postcard I've made for myself on my 29th birtday and posted it as facebook status.
Once, Viktor Konovalov asked his facebook friends to submit any work dedicated to frase "life is so short" and I made these poster to experss thought that life isn't short at all.
That's "logo" for my 3-year old child Alissa. She had period of Let's Find Logo Everywhere.
When my second child, Eleonora, was born I made logo for her also :)
My husband desperately wants to go to Sicily. So I've made T-shirt print for him.
Also I would really like to go to Ireland :)
Poster as gratitude for my teachers. Deatails here.
Friend of mine asked me to make to make caramel letters for poster/
Pecha-Kucha organizers in Kyiv commissioned me to make poster for their next event.
Арт и Я organized my workshop on plasticine lettering and this picture was made to promote event.
And this poster is made just for fun. if you like it and want to have such on your wall or T-shirt, let me know, I'll gladly give the download link.
oh, look what I've found! :)
Poster for great 99u article:
Ney Year postcard. More detail here
One nice guy from Argentina, Norberto Baruch asked to make 3 for his site
it doesn't look so good right at the beginning. There's lots of Photoshop work/
I've made this lettering as proposition for Google doodle. Thought it wasn't officially published by Google, my friends liked it, and that means much to me.
Olesya Chorna, a friend of mine asked to make artwork for her husband and their home.
I think it's always better to make a picture, if you want to draw attention to a problem.
I've made alternative poster for Heyawardme poster contest. Shortlisted.
I'm Kyiv's Behance Portfolio Review coorganiser, together with Eugene Semenenko. That's poster for our great #6 event.
Studio Art i Ya organised performance of amazing Vika&Vita Lopukhiny (yes we are so lucky to live in same city!) for The Nor Dar magazine.  Photoreport here.
Oh, almos forgot! This Be lettering is "starring" in another poster, we got serie of meetups dedicated to Behance itself. Yeah, I love Behance, thats true!
You can watch video (in russian) from this event here.
I've made this pic for personal fecebook post.
Postcards for Valentine's day 2015, more details here.
My friends were planning Pecha-Kucha about design in my area, and ofcourse I said: I'll make a poster!
More detailes of this project here.
I've made one image for dayoftoday project. If you want to make something for them, submit here:
Thank you and have a nice creative day.
Various plasticine lettering works

Various plasticine lettering works

No day without experiment. I'm exploring all possible ways to combine typography and plasticine/clay to bring fun and joy to my own life as well Read More