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POMPO the robot

Character Design
POMPO the Robot

How we with my son (12 years old) made a robot. A couple of months ago I asked my son Leo to come up with a character concept in order to practice our skills in soft and drawing with him. Leonty suggested drawing a robot and later in this day he drew first sketch. Both of us liked the idea and we began to think it through further, work out the details of the construct, gave a name to robot. In the end they got so carried away that a whole story about robot Pompo and his world was borned. I just had to beat myself to stop and not dig into the details, otherwise these pictures might not be born soon ... Therefore, please do not judge strictly for technical errors / flaws and some procedural materials. Anyway the pictures is more eloquent  than a thousand words, so I really want to share with you, friends, the result of our creative family collaboration of 3D and 2D artist. Support and inspiration - Maria Yashkova, concept art and creative moderation of the project - Leo, implementation .. well, you see.

Pompo Universe

The central place of events is the year 2140, Mars. Humanity has lost the fight against the harsh climate of Mars and in disputes with each other over the extraction of resources. Earth has stopped financing expansion. The last groups of colonists left the planet more than 20 years ago. But the remnants of civilization still leave traces on the lifeless surface of Mars - robots created by humans as assistants continue to work on what they were created for - to create colonies and extract resources. The key figure of this labor colony is robots of the PO-MPO series, with excellent intelligence and versatility: simple and quick modifications gave them the abilities necessary to perform any task - construction, repair and maintenance of equipment, cargo delivery, resource extraction and mess around. Their mass production began on earth in the 2030s, but the main use was for the colonization of Mars. They are endowed with intelligence, humor, very different, strange, badly battered and repaired from what was left in the colonies. But in the hope that people will return, they stubbornly and purposefully continue their main business.

POMPO the robot