Milano Apartment
location: Milan, Italy
total area: 185 sq.m
year: 2019
What will be the interior, largely depends on customers. After all, our home, like a mirror, reflects our taste, character, preferences, and hobbies. The designer is a part psychologist, part artist, who, working on the project, reveals the customer and describes him, creating a unique and so unlike other interior.

The owners of these apartments were very open with us, and told us to the smallest detail about what they like, about their lifestyle, their favorite colors and about love of music and art. As a result, the interior was saturated with colors, optimism, not like the others, very creative and not ordinary, like its inhabitants.
Before starting work, we had a lot of preparation. We looked at a lot of references, and visited showrooms with our customers, looking at the furniture models, the quality of production at different factories, the textures, colors and finishes that we liked. We changed our approach to the beginning of the work, since we took into account the peculiarity of the customer to perceive everything not only visually, but also tactfully.

The master area consists of a large kitchen combined with a spacious living room, office room, kids and master bedroom.
It is worth noting the features of the layout of these apartments. The apartment has a separate area for guests. The guest unit is as autonomous as possible and doesn't intersect with the master area for the convenience of guests and the comfort of the owners. Guests have their own kitchenette and private bathroom.
The master bedroom is planned in such a way that from the room there is direct access to a private bathroom and dressing room. The main of the customer’s wishes was precisely such a placement of the dressing room, so that everything was at hand.

In the bathroom, we suggested using Wall & Deco wallpapers, which were developed by the factory, especially for rooms with high humidity. The customer liked the idea with the wallpaper so much that she insisted on using them in each of the rooms.
Another borrowed from our own projects according to the wishes of the owners is a constructive solution with a second level in the kidsroom, which we designed in a new way.
Milano Apartment