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Gig Posters Collection II

Combo Chimbita and Sun Ra Arkestra at Knitting Factory, Brooklyn, NY. 2019
Crumb "Spring Tour", US. 2019
Phantom Planet "Comeback Tour", California. 2019
Leon Bridges at The Greek Theatre, Berkeley, CA, 2018
Tall Juan "Amazon Benefit Show" at Sunnyvale, Brooklyn, NY. 2019
City Of The Sun and Fruit & Flowers at Webster Hall, New York, NY. 2019
Combo Chimbita "Europe Tour". 2019
Fruit & Flowers + Priestess + Melt at The Broadway, Brooklyn, NY. 2019
Drug Bug "Spring Tour", US. 2019
Fruit & Flowers "Berry Bomb Tour", US. 2019
Ghost King + Ghost Funk Orchestra + Lushwork at The Sultan Room, Brooklyn, NY. 2020

Gig Posters Collection II

Gig Posters Collection II

Collection of some of the gig posters I've done recently.