Free & Premium SFX Libraries

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  • High quality, affordable concept sound libraries for your projects
    Sound Ex Machina is an independent studio producing high-quality sound design libraries suitable for your audio/visual project. Here you can find concept sound libraries sampled in various indoor locations under different settings, recorded, edited & mixed at various sample rates (44kHz/48k/96kHz at 16bit/24bit), all of them delivered in easily downloadable .zip files.
  • Suitable for
    Motion picture
    Mobile, desktop and web applications
    Audio Books
    Theatre plays
  • Concept Designed
    The main goal is to convey sonic representations of sonic environments and sound frames focused on diversity, quality and style. Further to that, it's been our aim to provide:
    – Creative Freedom: The package is intended for those who need straight forward samples, with a variety of versions in each articulation group for maximum creative freedom.
    – Versatility: Multiple versions of the same sound are provided so you can pick up whatever suits your needs best.
    – Flexibility: Raw, unprocessed sounds for maximum flexibility and versatility
    – Precision: All sounds are trimmed with extreme attention to accuracy, so that each of them is ready to use "as is". 
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  • Licence
    The sounds are royalty free and licensed to you under this license agreement.
    Also, feel free to get in touch for customized libraries designed specially for your needs.