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    A collaborative personal project.
This project sought to visually interpret the complexity of time – exploring its rhythm rather than falsifying the fluidity of its nature through static fragments.
Inspired by the Eame's Power of Ten as well as Henri Bergson’s claim that any attempt to measure time would be to falsify its nature, then led us to consider the idea of subverting the sensory experience of a space to visually interpret the illusion that is time — intending to present the three dimensions simultaneously — exploring its rhythm rather than static fragments.
The location of Brighton’s West Pier was chosen due to its visibly connected limited future and exciting past, decaying in the ‘now.’ We documented the space with a multitude of traditional and digital cameras, and on returning to the studio, the material was interpreted through numerous experiments.
This piece is one of several conclusions — a folded sculpture created from the on location photographs, taken from twenty alternate angles, repeatedly shot twenty times and presented on a template for the twenty-sided-polygon from which the photographs were shot.
In support of the collaborative work and to communicate our extensive research and experimentation process, this publication is a visual documentation through the journey of the project, including a lexicon of terms and key theorists important to the work.
The design continues the emphasis on the number twenty in its size and grid.
Collaborative project with Jessica Williams.