Itzla, the Yuan-ti Pureblood dimplomat.
Created as a one-shot character for a Dungeons & Dragons session. 
Itzla was sent as a delegate to help build a new city for their civilization, when early on, the were overrun and captured by cultists. Tied up for a weeks watching all their friends and family become sacrificed to a chain devil from the Nine Hells while the random farmer captured with them slowly developed a crush, Itzla was rescued by a rag-tag group of adventurers…and they still have no idea how that odd band of adventurers won. 

Nonetheless, Itzla broke free in the fray, helped chase the cultist leader through the portal to be trapped in the Nine Hells when one of the party members broke the orb that kept it open, and then proceeded to murder their other two captors, brush off, and head home with their remaining friend who barely escaped sacrifice, and abandoned the farmer and his weird crush.
Tdi'or Calithilben, a Moon Elf grave domain cleric with the acolyte background.
Created as my main player character for a Dungeons & Dragons campaign.
Tdi’or is a Moon Elf grave domain cleric of Sehanine Moonbow, and an Omen Teller priest within the temple rankings. Tdi’or started off as a knowledge domain cleric, but, pre-campaign, their entire party was killed -hunted by a band of full-blooded orcs for reasons unknown; Tdi’or has always guessed for sport. The last one standing, they were slain, and passed into Arvandor -the elven afterlife -but before they could greet their friends and ancestors, the Moon Goddess called them back, saying that their death was not supposed to happen so soon, and that she still had something they needed to do. When Tdi’or woke up, they found their powers had been changed from those of knowledge, to those of the grave, and they bore a scar marking their death, which no one has been able to heal away. Tdi'or is derived from the elven Dior, meaning "faithful" or "fair follower." Calithilben means "one who follows the moon."
Fëalis and Luasha Calithilben, loving parents and winemakers.
Created as two of my NPCs in Dugeons & Dragons.
Fëalis and Luasha are the parents of Tdi'or Calithilben. Both are transgender -due to the prevalence of genderfluid and gender-ambiguous gods in the Elven pantheon, as well as the prevalence of deities of the same gender or fluxing genders being married, a wide array of gender identities and sexualities is common among elves, seen as a normal part of life, and is not taboo or considered minority. Tdi'or's parents are winemakers in a temple-brewery known as the Isilimrodel. They worship the Moon Goddess, are considered lesser priests of hers. Fëalis means "honey-sweet wine" while Luasha means "bright ocean."
Na'faeravel Kennyrae, the Moon Elf oath of the ancients paladin with the gladiator background.
Created as a side playable character in Dungeons & Dragons.
While Na'faeravel is a Moon Elf who worships the Moon Goddess, he also worships Corellon Larethian -the prime Elven deity, god of the arts, crafts, poetry, magic, and warfare, said to be the creator of the all Elves and they deity who grants him his paladin powers. In Elven mythology, it is said that Corellon Larethian and Sehanine Moonnbow are married -both are able to shift between many genders at will -befittingly, Na'faeravel is one of Tdi'or's lovers, having known them for around 350 years.
Na'faeravel is known for his charm, passion, and love of entertaining others. This love of entertainment is why he fights as a gladiator -but only against willing participants, and not in death matches. He is extremely adamant about this, as it would otherwise go against his paladin oath. Na'faeravel is dedicated to preserving the spirit of life, beauty, art, and nature in the world. He is also a hunter of vampires -stemming from his best friend, Uthorim, who turned down a path of darkness with necromancy that eventually led to him becoming a vampire.
Arì’luanae Amastacia, the Moon Elf knowledge cleric with the astronomer background.
Created as one of my NPCs in Dungeons & Dragons.
Reverent Dreamer Arì’luanae Amastia is a moon elf who started out their adult life as an astronomer studying to be a wizard, before the Moon Goddess saw fit to bless them with clerical powers in the divine domain of knowledge, impressed by their love of and dedication to learning, and willingness to help others seek knowledge. The title of Reverent Dreamer marks Arì’luanae as the high priest of the Moon Goddess, and they are Tdi'or's mentor, as well as the mentor to many other budding adventurers who are newly discovering their abilities and powers.
Mathias Gravesgard, the professional class hunter.
Created as my player character in Bloodborne.
Mathias Gravesgard was formerly a researcher at a hunter’s guild in a foreign land, he fell ill with a rare and mysterious affliction. He’d heard of Yharnam’s medical advances and rumors of the Paleblood, a seeming miracle cure, and his lovers, active hunting members of the guild, requested to go to Yharnam with him. However, they immediately found the guild had restricted travel permissions to Yharnam severely for secret reasons -the three knew nothing except guild members who had travelled to Yharnam recently had not returned.

Weary of the potential secret dangers, but realizing Mathias’s health would fail if treatment was not sought, his lovers covered his tracks as he stole away to travel in secret to Yharnam.

In a carriage with no windows, Mathias still noticed the eerie quiet as they crossed into Yharnam. They quickly made their way into the hospital from the front entrance, suspicions rising as the streets appeared oddly empty.
Mathias, seemingly, successfully received his Paleblood infusion…and so much more than they bargained for when they awoke afterwards in The Nightmare, fighting to survive against Yharnam’s deranged, mad citizens and unholy beasts alike.
Original Characters

Original Characters

A collection of drawings of my original characters, many of which were created to be my various player characters in table top and console RPGs.