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    Visual Identity and Wayfinding, with HarrimanSteel, London.
London Fashion Week
CD: Nick Steel  Design: Stina Smith, Marjo Loponen, Sean Clarke @ Harrimansteel
During my stay with HarrimanSteel I worked on the graphic identity of the London Fashion Week, that was housed under one roof in the neo-classical surrounds of Somerset House. It was an opportunity to review the signage and environmental graphics throughout the existing venue and bring ours in line with the London Fashion Week brand, communicating clear and modern atmosphere with the choice of 
type, colours and placement. 
From the early stage of concept building to the day of installation, I worked on the way-finding system that consisted of colour-coded floor & wall vinyl, in addition to the posters and banners, making the venue of Designers Exhibition to stand out strong from the event alongside it: the catwalk.