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Makaza Brand Identity and Launch Campaign

MAKAZA - All day club and Bar
For the launch of Makaza, all day club and bar the client asked us to create a launch campaign which will make the whole town talking and would make people wanting to keep coming to the club for the months later.  

We decide to shoot at the club during construction to give a coming soon vibe. We then picked the different characteristics of customers that the clients wanted at his club. A dancing Bojack horseman, an Osho follower, a member from the LGBT community and an art & music enthusiast.  The 4 very unique characters who were amongst the target audience and created 4 engaging videos. 

We have to admit that this one goes directly in the top 3 of the most fun projects we have worked on!
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Cinematographer / Technical Director: Vijay Bhutada
Director: Aprtim Agarwal | Arth Jain

Creative Director: Nikita Shah
Producer: Aprtim Agarwal | Arth Jain
Post Producer: Vijay Bhutada
Makaza Brand Identity and Launch Campaign

Makaza Brand Identity and Launch Campaign