Coveo Blitz is Coveo's annual programming competition aimed at university students. Each team have to create an AI to compete in a game, all in a single day. This event is an excellent recruiting opportunity for the company.

This year was the 10th anniversary of the event. The game's goal was to conquer the most territory and resources.


The theme of the game, conquest, inspired us to look at space exploration as a visual theme. We used archive images from NASA's Apollo 11 mission and a subtle color palette to create a unique space exploration vibe.

There is no official Coveo Blitz logo. Various typographic variants, such as widths and weights, were used to create a distinct look.


This year's theme of spatial exploration allowed us to create awesome space mission patches. Two variants were designed to be used on t-shirts and stickers.

These items serve both as publicity for the company and special swag for the competitors. On the day of the event, the enthusiasm from students to wear their t-shirts and put their stickers on their laptops was a great validation that these items would serve their marketing purpose.


The requirements for the website are mostly informational. It is a platform for students to learn more about the competition and to register.
We designed both the desktop and mobile versions to be visually interesting while offering appropriate information on the event.


During the event, students used a custom web dashboard to consult the documentation, upload their AI bots and watch match replays.
We recreated a vintage terminal with physical buttons and an LCD screen to immerse participants in our vintage space universe.

Artistic direction by Olivier Taillon
Event pictures by Neldy Germain
Website development by Bobby Avoine
Dashboard and game UI development by Germain Bergeron
Historical photos by NASA

Coveo Blitz 2020

Coveo Blitz 2020

Visual identity for Coveo Blitz, an annual programming competition aimed at university students from the province of Quebec.