Avenue Bellevue

Featuring two sleek towers and a connecting Plaza that’s a constant draw for residents, visitors and locals to gather, to dine and shop, Avenue is where modern Bellevue steps out—a hub of urban sophistication, energy and spirit. Avenue features a worldly InterContinental® Hotel, the first in the Pacific Northwest by the luxury brand, a Michelin-starred restaurant by chef Joshua Skenes, and a collection of estates and residences that are stylish retreats with forever vistas. Avenue is the bold shape of things to come in Bellevue, part of a city that’s confidently coming of age, and part of the world. Resonance was engaged by its developer, Fortress, to create the branding, identity, collateral materials, website, digital advertising campaigns.

ROLE: Senior Copywriter, Resonance
Fortress Development engaged Resonance to tell prospective buyers the story of Avenue, a place where all Bellevue’s atmospheres, possibilities and enthusiasms collide in the best possible way, making it a destination and center of energy for locals and visitors unlike any in the region.

Resonance created an initial brand story and positioning, development principles and brand pillars that focus on the aspects of Avenue’s personality that differentiate it from the competition and make it emotionally attractive to prospective buyers. After a series of workshops, the design team worked closely with the developer to deliver an identity and a marketing strategy that is harmonious with the building’s architecture and geographic surroundings.
Avenue is a polished and sophisticated name that firmly locates the hotel and towers in the heart of the urban space. Avenue feels big and cosmopolitan; it occupies the physical space of the avenue and it has a glamorous, luxurious edge to it.
The logo is the foundation for how we represent the spirit of modern luxury. The icon is a sophisticated and refined stylized ‘A’ that reflects Avenue’s architectural mixture of bold and elegant lines. The wordmark is crafted from strokes that are both soft and sharp, combining modern with roots in the classical. Together the logo lockup is a distillation of modern Bellevue stepping out, reflecting the iconic shape of things to come in a city that’s confidently coming of age.
The brochures’ editorial tone and vibrant style came alive in a responsive, bilingual website (English and Chinese) designed for desktop, tablet and mobile. Large photos and renderings accompanied by in-depth stories served to help visitors dive deeper into the idea of a bold new Bellevue and life at Avenue.
We produced a collection of three brochures—Estates, Residences, The Vision—designed in harmony to tell a complete story of Avenue. Within the pages of each brochure we combined features, Q&A articles and other editorial-style stories to introduce readers to Avenue’s team of visionaries (architects, restaurateurs, landscape and interior designers) all the while painting a richly layered picture of developer Andy Lakha’s vision of a dynamic destination for Bellevue. Throughout the brochure, beautiful lifestyle photography was used to capture authentic moments in Avenue’s urban landscape—a spirited and cosmopolitan destination for residents and visitors alike.
In line with the stylized vision for the entire development and the brand, the presentation center was designed to further immerse the visitor into the Avenue aesthetic. Upon arrival, a reception desk and a logo wall featuring a life-size icon of Avenue’s ‘A’ in its signature orange color welcomes guests. Using a bright palette with bold splashes of orange to create drama, the presentation center layout was thoughtfully designed to take visitors through a journey of the buildings’ architecture, interiors and finishings. A large component of the space included information, pull quotes and photos on “The Visionaries” behind the project. Layered panels, raised lettering and textural elements were used throughout the presentation center to further immerse the visitor into Avenue’s spirit of modern luxury. A digital interactive presentation was created for the sales team to take potential buyers through the floorplans and renderings.
Avenue Bellevue

Avenue Bellevue


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