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As part of my thesis I initially I started mapping routes to get a sense of how people move through the campus and also to note any areas of intersection which would help determine areas which would benefit from interventions. Due to the scale of the campus I decided to define each route according to the buildings or services users pass through and the common routes taken by students as determined by previous campus development plans and personal experience. This led to the routes titled: Central Spine, Residential/Amenity, Sports, Northern, East-West and the Gateway Route which is related to the current Gateway Development Plan proposed by Ingehoven Architects and the existing access road currently used for deliveries. 
    Through this mapping of routes several key points came to light regarding the organisation of the campus and the way in which people enter and exit the site. Most noticeably I found that people access the campus through three entrances mainly: the Clonskeagh entrance at Richview and at Wynnsward Drive, and the Main Gate. Other entrances were deemed less significant due to the lower numbers of traffic passing through as previously researched in the current Campus Development Plan and by the Buildings & Services office of UCD. These entrances were undefined and to people who were not familiar with the campus were easily overlooked. They lacked definition as entrances to the countries largest university. 
    The intersection points, marked with double white circles above were assessed to be areas of high student interaction from observation, most notably at the Library, the Arts Block and the new Student Centre where many students where gathered outside these buildings. This emphasised the strength of the original central spine design of the campus in the way that the majority of the students were contained within this area with the majority of the teaching and administrative buildings located here.
    The mapped routes are illustrated here with their approximate lengths, a plan of the actual route, the buildings which are passed on each route and other information deemed important at the time. Above is a Tube-style schematic diagram to show these routes. As the Gateway Route is only a proposal thus far, it could not be mapped in this sense as works have not started on it.