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    My Second Semester piece - a fully interactive environment made in Unity, based on ethnography research on my Dad. It tells the story of his adul… Read More
    My Second Semester piece - a fully interactive environment made in Unity, based on ethnography research on my Dad. It tells the story of his adult life, from the age of 16 to present day, and incorporates the things that make him who he is. This took about 14 weeks to carry out the research and develop the idea into a finished product Read Less
Work life:
Trout farm - 2 years
Building labourer - 2 years

Volkswagen - 2-3 years
Nissan - 1 year
Renault London - Acton - 3-4 years
London Life insurance - 1 year
Mercedes - 3-4 years
Curchods - 9 years

Gardening - Present
*Hated jobs
In taking all of what I'd learned, I found I could make a really meaningful environment, and something I could tell a story with. His old, boring jobs could be the starting point - an uphill struggle to conquer, split into sections and offering their own challenges. Once done, the player is rewarded with Dad's dream garage complete with his most valued possessions as well as those he wishes he had - his Dad's Triumph Tiger 80, for example. Dad's bike and a landscape to be free to explore, the same way he used it when he had to get away in real life. 
In environment the player gets to explore is Dad's dream tour of the UK - from Land's End to John O'Groat's. In this game he will be able to do all of this as a reward for persevering through all the tough times.
Diagram of uphill section.
Picking out assets to includ in the virtual garage - It includes his most valued possessions as well as some he wants.
The first section of the uphill area with Volkswagen, Nissan and Renault walls and cars. The shaders and lack of detail on the cars emphasises this feeling of mass manufacture and loss of soul and personality.
Telephone rings can be heard from this point onward throughout the environment, as they were relevant all through Dad’s early jobs. The sound being carried through the entire part of the environment gives a feel to the lifelessness and monotony  in these jobs.
Again, soul-less cars create the way to the next section of the office environment. Overly sensitive player controls make this a tricky puzzle, and falling starts the player back to the start of the stairs. Patience is a virtue here.
With desks, filing cabinets and drawers bouncing up and down against a Curchods backdrop, the annoyances and frustrations of the office are brought into the environment.
The same objects as befre multiplied to make the maze the player must complete to get to the garage.
The garage opens out onto the riding environment, and fulfills the size, design and material requirments I had when I set out to make it.
The crown jewel takes center stage in the garage, engine purring and ready to be ridden.
Now an ornament, Dad's Father's Tiger 80 sits below it's memorabilia, completing a set of historic and sentimental objects.
Hanging on the far wall, these toys are waiting to be played with. The dingy and Evinrude engine can later be found attached to the deck along the tour route
The inside is as simple as the outside, and houses all of Dad’s tools, toys and decorations.
Simple direction guides point to John O’groats, and bollards are used to signify the three ways (only one shown in this image) to go out of the garage.
A loud, rocky waterfall situated in the middle of the landscape pours into the lake below, making an attractive centre piece as soemthing to ride around and give one some bearing as to where they are.
This signpost points down towards the deck that sticks out onto the ocean.
On the deck is the dingy from the garage equipped with the Evinrude engine. 
At the end of the tour is John O’groat’s house and the sign pointing back to Land’s End. The road flows around the front of the building and back down the hill so the player doesn’t have to go back on themselves.
The perseverance sign is sat at the top as well, telling the player that this is the view you get for perseverance. 
From this poit, the ‘game’ is complete, and the player is free to explore anywhre they want, in any order, and just have a good time on the bike as Dad does.