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    Music video for Bin-Jip
Bin-Jip: Heavy
Music video


Music video for Bin-Jip, a Hungarian experimental electronic band. Due to the circumstances and money restrictions, this was a single man project and it took me about 3 months to produce. The assets were drawn in Photoshop, animated in After Effects and cut in Premiere Pro (and some additional nerve wrecking back-and-forth jumping between Pro Tools and Premier Pro to get the best audio and visual quality after the Youtube conversion)

This was my first attempt in animation, and it was quite a lesson – drawing was the easiest part of the project.
I started with some moodboards and animation tests.
The early versions were promising, but it was really hard to estimate the time frame for the takes.
After awhile it become clear, that I need a story to follow (even if it remain unclear for the viewers) so I made screenshots from the existing footages and started to fill out the gaps.
The result was a five page, well detailed shooting script.
Shooting script
After all that, it was much easier to produce all the necessary assets.
Although it took me some time.
Finished Photoshop layer groups
After Effects workflow