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GROOVEY - free typeface

Making of the GROOVEY fontbook - work in progress

Making of the GROOVEY concrete title - work in progress
1 quarter item = 40 kg (25 cm high, 28 cm wide)
GROOVEY word = 1640 kg

Making of the stencil poster - work in progress

Making of the GROOVEY stencil - work in progress

The whole GROOVEY part of the TYPEHYPE exibition

GROOVEY merch - think inside the grid T-shirt

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The GROOVEY font and installation took place within the framework of the TYPEHYPE project / exhibition.

Made at the Media and Design Department,
Visual Arts Institute, Eszterházy Károly University,
Eger, Hungary.

Graphic Design MA

Type design:
Bodnár Áron

Illésy Márton

Bodnár Áron

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GROOVEY - free typeface


GROOVEY - free typeface