A SIP (experimental photography cycle) 
Author: Prof. Ph. D. Remigijus Venckus (media artist and critic)
Year: 2020

For the last few years, I have become more and more interested in a human’s senses to express them in photography. The more photos I take, the more I understand that camera, film and computer software are not perfect tools, as the images cannot objectively reveal the many–layered reality and its evolution.

Photo-technologies are used for the analysis of reality, but it doesn’t guarantee the truth perceived through images. The process of creating photos stimulates my imagination and  provokes me to disclose the personal experiences of smell, breath, gaze and some tactile feelings of the material world surfaces. 

On the one hand, photography enables us just to keep a strange feeling of the previously non-coordinated reality effect, on the other hand, at the same time, the reality flows away from our perception. It also shows signs which disclose the hypothesis of the world's non-captured, non-consciousness essence. For me it has become the best part of photographic and photogenic images I have fallen in love with…

I identify the processes of taking and editing images as a decisive step in a human's meeting with one’s personal memories and remembrances of touch, gaze, hearing, smell… I just want to remember and think about a breath of air and the first sip of water. My art is an improvised question about perfect human senses, which are depicted in the imperfect and constructed images of the photogenic world. 

The first photo cycle started at 2020, is ‘A Sip’. It could be understood as an artistic research or visual improvisation on a sip phenomenon in general. I am just questioning myself and my viewers: How can we understand the feeling of the first breath of air, or the fist pure water sip we have never tried before? What is the taste of the salt water from the endless and non-pronounceable ocean?…

I may be starting a new cycle as a way of provoking my imagination which leads me to reproduce or visualise the first impression of something fresh, new and unknown. A sip of something new is not only exciting, but also a dangerous action. In a metaphorical way, a sip of life is the same as a sip of death… The sip of nature perceived without any preconception is as marvellous and similar as the self-analysis of the personal inner world. The first sip can make us feel fresh, new and open-minded!… 

The process of thinking about the phenomenon of a sip is an immersive action of searching for some natural photo-impressions, which do not succumb to the power of ordinary language. Thus, I invite you to meet images without the powerful pressure of rule-gained and articulated vocalisation as well as graphic representation provided to us by communication signs.
А Sip, 2020

А Sip, 2020