RBMF Istanbul 2019
Red Bull Music Festival Istanbul 2019

Red Bull Music Festival is a series of annual music festivals across the globe and is amongst Istanbul’s leading musical events. This year the festival spanned the course of 15 days, with 5 concept nights at Istanbul’s best venues and countless events inside Red Bull House of Music - half a month of music taking over the city. With this idea in mind, we designed a multi-layered communication campaign that investigated this question: “What happens when music takes over the city?”

The city and its residents shift, their attitudes change. Overcome with music, the city refracts into a heightened state. This is the feeling we echoed in our designs.

Client: Red Bull 
Agency: Monroe
Creative Director: Onur Gökalp
Art Director: Emirhan Akyüz, Ersin Alpan Öztürk​​​​​​​
Project Manager: Oğul Girgin

Copywriter: Nur Yıldırım Eser
Motion Designers: Emirhan Akyüz, Mahmut Kalyoncu, Mert Tanır
Videographer: Şükrü Özçelik
Editor: Temmuz İlhan

RBMF Istanbul 2019
Multiple Owners
Monroe Creative